Outbreak: Shades of Horror - Next-Gen Retro Survival Horror

Created by Dead Drop Studios

Survive the opening hours of an undead outbreak alongside a wide cast of survivors in this online co-op retro survival horror nightmare

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Railbreak VR Officially Coming to PSVR2! Let's Add Developer Commentary and an Extra Chapter to Tailbreak Next! Pledge Now!
8 days ago – Mon, Feb 19, 2024 at 10:33:35 AM

Hello Survivors!

Some more amazing news!  The BackerKit Crowdfunding campaign for Railbreak VR & Tailbreak has met another stretch goal!  Railbreak VR is officially coming to PlayStation VR 2 on top of Steam VR!

PSVR2 support is just the latest stretch goal we've reached for Railbreak VR & Tailbreak!  We already had dual wielding in Railbreak VR locked in thanks to the generosity of our backers.

Our next stretch goal is to deliver both in-game developer commentary DLC AND an additional story chapter for the Tailbreak DLC expansion!  Let's do it!  With your help, we can secure this awesome content; don't forget that content will be available in both Railbreak AND Railbreak VR's version of Tailbreak!

There's still plenty of time left before our BackerKit campaign comes to an end, so please consider checking it out and pledging today! You can even pre-order a Railbreak Limited Edition Sinden Lightgun via the add-ons option on BackerKit!

Thank you as always for your continued support!  We will have much more information on Railbreak VR, the Tailbreak DLC expansion, and our recently announced visual novel soon! This all comes on top of more information regarding Outbreak: Shades of Horror coming in the future!

Introducing our first ever Visual Novel! BackerKit update! Steam going live SOON with Giveaway!
12 days ago – Wed, Feb 14, 2024 at 03:54:59 PM

Hello Survivors!

We have a few fun announcements for you today!

First, we just announced our first ever Visual Novel!  It's called Outbreak The FEDORA Files: What Lydia Knows.

Super and extra-natural phenomena around the world are officially disavowed. In the United States, these phenomena are unofficially investigated by an elite squad of agents known as the Federal Disaster Organic Response Agency. These are their stories.

Something isn't right in the city of Cypress Ridge...

In our first file; What Lydia Knows, play as intrepid detective Lydia Daniels as she tries to discover the mystery behind her partner's disappearance. Search for clues, probe allies and enemies, and uncover the mystery of the Jack Street Sewers in this first installment that acts a prequel to Outbreak: Shades of Horror.


  • Narrative rich visual novel with a deep and engrossing storyline.
  • Multiple paths and endings to unlock where your choices matter.
  • Meet, befriend, or alienate a wide cast of characters where your relationships matter.
  • Solve devious puzzles and navigate crazy minigames as you hunt for the truth.
  • After the credits roll, fight your way through a replayable and engaging bonus mode.

More specific information on Outbreak The FEDORA Files: What Lydia Knows is coming soon!  In the meantime, you can already wishlist it on Steam! Check out the first screenshots for the game there, too!

Next, our BackerKit for Railbreak VR & Tailbreak is still underway!

Thanks to everyone's generosity, we've met the funding goal for the project, so Railbreak VR & the Tailbreak DLC expansion are locked!  We've also met our first stretch goal, which will allow us to add dual wielding to Railbreak VR!

Our next stretch goal is to make Railbreak VR possible for PlayStation VR 2!  Help us reach it at our BackerKit page today!

Finally, we're going live on Twitch TONIGHT  at around 7:15pm ET (that's very soon!) with Resident Evil 2 for the Dreamcast!  We'll also be talking all things Outbreak The FEDORA Files and the BackerKit campaign!

Come by and you can even win a copy of DINOBREAK or Railbreak!

That's all for today, Survivors!  We look forward to sharing more info with you soon!

Railbreak VR & Tailbreak First Stretch Goal Met! Let's make PSVR2 happen next! Pledge Now!
26 days ago – Thu, Feb 01, 2024 at 11:07:35 AM

Hey Survivors!

Great news! The BackerKit Crowdfunding campaign for Railbreak VR & Tailbreak just met it's first stretch goal - which means we're adding dual wielding to Railbreak VR!

Now it's the time to help us get to our next stretch goal - PSVR2 support for Railbreak VR! We're making incredible pace on the campaign just two days in, so please take a moment and get your pledge in! You can even pre-order the Limited Edition Officially Licensed Railbreak Sinden Lightgun to secure your spot and not have to fight later for the very limited stock!

Thank you for all your support and we'll see you out there surviving!

-Evan and Julia

Legacy Games Reward Distribution Begins Today! Railbreak VR + Tailbreak Fully Funded on BackerKit! Giveaways! Help Us Slam Stretch Goals!
28 days ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 09:49:01 AM

Hello Survivors!  We have a few announcements and updates for you today!

Legacy Games Reward Distribution

We are happy to announce we will begin shipping the Legacy Games digital rewards to backers starting in the next 10 days!  If you pledged for this reward, keep an eye on the email account you used to back this Kickstarter!

Railbreak VR + Tailbreak Funded on BackerKit - Stretch Goals Available Now!

Wow! The campaign for Railbreak VR and Tailbreak is already fully funded!  You can expect Railbreak VR and the Tailbreak DLC expansion to launch in October of this year for Steam VR!

We have plenty of awesome stretch goals, including more VR platforms for Railbreak VR (like Meta Quest 3!), an additional story chapter for the Tailbreak DLC expansion, and more!

You can see the BackerKit campaign here: 

Special Gleam Giveaway to Celebrate the BackerKit!  Win an Xbox Series X and more!

If you check out our BackerKit, you can enter for a chance to win prizes including an Xbox Series X, a Volcanic Red DualSense controller, and more!  Just follow the steps on this fancy Gleam, and be sure to refer your friends for more entries!

Railbreak Free Content Update ONE: Time Korrisis

The first free content update for Railbreak is now live! This update features a new scoring mode and a new playable character!  Turn on the Time Korrisis scoring mode to transform Railbreak into a time attack game!  Shooting and killing enemies, picking up items, and more all add time to the ticking clock; run out of time and it's going to cost a Continue! Shoot strategically and efficiently to build up your remaining time for the best rank!

Looking for a change of pace?  Try out new playable character Korrine!  Her plasma cannon weapon is power hungry but deadly, and her Katana blasts out punishing sword beams!  When wielding the Katana, you may encounter the new Super Glitch 'Korrine's Blessing.' When this activates, your damage output will soar, but you'll also suffer a massive debuff!

We're LIVE on Twitch NOW Until 12AM ET!

To celebrate the launch and funding of our Railbreak VR + Tailbreak BackerKit campaign, we're going to be LIVE on our Twitch channel showing off the new content update for Railbreak, talking about the campaign, and playing all kinds of retro arcade lightgun goodness!  Come hang out with us and learn more about the next chapter of Railbreak!

That's everything for today, Survivors! Until next time, take care!

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS LIVE NOW - Back the Railbreak VR/Tailbreak Campaign RIGHT NOW for exclusive early bird deals!
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jan 27, 2024 at 08:47:28 AM


Hey Survivors,

Our BackerKit Crowdfunding Campaign for Railbreak VR and Tailbreak goes live for the public on Tuesday, Jan 30th @ 10AM PDT! But we're giving you access RIGHT NOW to grab the best tiers and exclusive early bird deals prior to Tuesday's launch! Simply click the link above! REMEMBER: The Tailbreak expansion pack can be played in both Railbreak AND Railbreak VR, so there's content for everyone!

There's incredible limited bundle tiers on there to get all the juicy rewards from the campaign, plus Xbox Series X's, PSVR2, Outbreak physical games and more at far below MSRP alongside your pledge to support these titles! But there's very few on there, so they'll go quick (and we're nearly 30% funded already, so don't wait before they sell out!).

And that's not all! On Tuesday @ 1PM ET we're going live on for a 12 hour stream with some of our biggest giveaways ever! We'll have the details in a separate update for you prior to launch but you'll be able to interact with the community tabs on our BackerKit Crowdfunding page the whole day to increase your chances of winning! So get ready by joining our Discord and following us on Twitch!

Go get your orders in RIGHT NOW using the exclusive link at the top of this e-mail! See everyone on Tuesday!


Evan and Julia