Outbreak: Shades of Horror - Next-Gen Retro Survival Horror

Created by Dead Drop Studios

Survive the opening hours of an undead outbreak alongside a wide cast of survivors in this online co-op retro survival horror nightmare

Latest Updates from Our Project:

BackerKit buyers: add ons being charged and VOD of Jan development stream up
2 days ago – Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 11:52:32 AM

Hey Survivors!

A huge thank you to the horde that showed up to our very first development stream! We loved showing off all the hard work of the past few months and getting to hear all of your questions and comments! If you didn't get a chance to check it out. Our VOD has just gone up and you can watch it here

We were so happy to show off what you can do with our most recent build! There is more to come!

We are working on our next developer stream which will be all about the character creation process and led by Julia (your stalwart updater).  Based on the feedback we have been getting from our international survivors,  the time we had originally thought to have the streams, 7pm EST, is a no go. We are trying to figure out better timing to accommodate them as well. Since there are several different time zones involved, we will be running a poll on discord to see which ones are the most common before we officially schedule.

In game footage from the photo mode!

For our lovely backers who decided to buy add ons via Backerkit, those purchases will be charged and locked by the end of the week. Please be aware you will be charged accordingly and if you forgot to grab anything, pop by the store before we lock you down!  Don't want to jump scare anyone! 

Keep on Survivin'!

Julia and Evan

First Development Stream: Friday Jan. 27th
7 days ago – Wed, Jan 25, 2023 at 11:21:13 AM

Hey Survivors,

Our first development stream is this Friday, the 27th at 7pm EST on our Twitch channel!

Evan will be giving a basic overview of what we've been doing since the Kickstarter ended!

Highlights will include:

* Revisiting the Unity Playable Teaser

* Discussing our decision to switch to Unreal Engine (technical, production, etc...) and why

* Showing the current prototype in Unreal Engine, walking through some engine and game mechanics 

* Showing off characters, graphics, particle VFX, etc...

* Discussing where we're going next!

Sneak peak for the stream Friday!

We hope you will watch and ask us lots of questions about the development! Backer input has already been extremely helpful and we look forward to you questions and ideas!

Keep on Survivin'

Evan and Julia

Design a Questline, Design a Character and Design an NPC order locks
13 days ago – Thu, Jan 19, 2023 at 08:50:56 AM

Hey Survivors, 

We wanted to give you a heads up that we will be locking down any orders that include one of the following add ons on BackerKit as of today. Any future pre-orders on BackerKit will be locked down within a week after the purchase.

  • Design a Questline
  • Design a Character
  • Design an NPC

We are at the stage in development where we need to access the funds to give you what you paid for.

If you do not have these add ons, your order will be locked down at a later date. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message or pop into the discord and ask!

Keep on Survivin'

Evan and Julia

Our First Developer Stream and Unreal Engine 5 announcement!
27 days ago – Thu, Jan 05, 2023 at 02:01:37 PM

Hey Survivors!

Lots of work is being done over here at Dead Drop to give you the best possible Shades of Horror experience. For us, that means looking into what would create the most immersive world for our players. To that end, our first big development announcement is we have switched from Unity to Unreal Engine 5! We feel that Unreal Engine 5 will give us the ability to give our players cutting edge graphics with optimal development time. 

Our first official developer steam will be will be on Friday, January 27th on our Twitch channel. We will be giving a full rundown of how we are improving the characters, environments and and the first view at changes in gameplay! 

Until then, be sure to check out our pre-order store here, for all the Shades of Horror goodies!

We hope you join us! Until then, keep on survivin'!

Evan and Julia

Collaboration for Personalized Characters
29 days ago – Tue, Jan 03, 2023 at 04:36:40 PM

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